Introductions are little bit cringe aren’t they really? I hate the whole Hey my name is Beth and I’m a 24 year old, living in Brighton and under the roof of my boyfriends parents house, while working as a teaching assistant and trying to live the freelance life one day while saving for a house and all the adventures I dream off. But with that hate towards introductions I’ve managed to cover me in a tight little ball of information.

So let’s get into the juicy bits and what my deal is with on my little corner of the internet and on social media channels..

I find the whole idea of having to write what I’m about and the deal with my blog and it’s niche frustrating. I agree there are things that people are more passionate about and find easier to write or talk about and thus getting people intrigued in you and wanting to come back for the same stuff over and over again. But then I also think there are lots of things that people enjoy and are intrigued by. They say that if you like talking about more than one niche then make different blogs or instagrams for said niches, but to me that just sounds exhausting, surely if you balance all the things you are interested in and cater to all of your communities that decide to follow you for certain needs then what’s the harm in writing about different subject matters.

Really when I think about it I just want to write pieces that people can relate to and find entertaining. Whether that be through laughter at pieces of my writing, through relatability at knowing you to have been through a topic similar to me and now don’t feel so alone, through discovering new items of clothing that petite 5’2 like myself can fit in, through finding the best moisturiser or mascara and feeling so damn good after applying it. Think of me as your little internet buddy that you can talk to about anything and everything, nothing is too personal or too much.

So here you will find a little bit of everything, to style ideas and contemplative think pieces. To talks about my favourite skin, make up and hair products and snippets of travel that I embark on, perhaps even a van renovation or maybe even a house renovation and interior chats one day in the not so far future.

It really is a bit of everything, so if you want to come on the journey of a young adult trying to ride the wave of life, falling off and jumping back on and feel you too are doing the same, then have no fear let’s do this together and giggle or cry over it all.