Let’s Talk … Elemis Skincare

I have always been a fan from faraway with Elemis, dabbling it whenever a beauty box included them in their monthly boxes and always cooing over it and having my skin lap it up.

But finally getting my mitts on some more products and I thought I would share them in a quick when your brain is fried or you are commuting home from work blog post. Something where we can admire and become intrigued by and easy read of all things skincare. So today let’s take a look at some of Elemis’s bestsellers and more..

Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask – Things I look for in a mask; hydration, exfoliation and that after mask glow. All of which this mask provides. I love to pop it on for 10 to 15 minutes and go about my day, whether it’s reading a book, watching tv or blogging I love skincare that you can pop on and can feel it working as you continue with your day for a little while. It tingles a little when it’s on which again I love because I love knowing something is working away and revitalising dull, dehydrated skin.

Superfood Berry Boost Mask – From Elemis’s new range comes one of their superfood masks. Similarly to the above mask but with purple clay that draws impurities out of the skin, how amazing does that sound? The thought of something pulling all the nasties out of my skin and cleaning it.. divine.

Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm – This stuff is insane! Picture holding it up to the sky and a halo of light surrounding it. I love this. I tried the rose pro collagen cleansing balm and it was incredible.. this one matches that it’s just gorgeous.It literally feels like it melts away all make up but doesn’t leave that oily feeling on your skin but instead just leaves it feeling nourished.

Superfood Facial Wash – Honestly I cannot get enough of cleaning my face, I clean it 3 times a day.. once in the morning, twice in the evening. First using the cleansing balm followed by a good all over facial wash. I honestly cannot get enough of the smell of this, but again a sensory is hard to explain in writing, all I can say is it washes me with such a sense of calm but also super clean. I’m sure you know what I mean. It also helps balance the skin’s precious microbiome which as we know is essential to helping protect our skin.

Superfood Day Cream – I cannot say enough about day creams even if I am having a super lazy day of not moving much other than to the fridge and back I will ALWAYS put on a day cream. This one is super light but hydrating, leaving my skin feel so super soft, like a babies bottom.

Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream – Eyes have the most delicate skin surrounding it. So much so that we need to take the upmost care of it. I sure as hell don’t want dark, wrinkly eyes when I’m older.. well of course I will and

that’s fine ages with grace as they say. But I do want to look after it as much as possible because it’s the only eye skin I have. Not only does this say it improves the appearance of skin elasticity but also helps dark circles and brighten the eye area.

Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil – Now a skin cream is amazing, as is an oil. But the two combined together, winner! That after sleep glow when applying this is so gorgeous, with the hydration of the cream and the protection the oil gives to the skin for all night reboost.

I have been using these Elemis products for two weeks now and while usually when coming on my period I would get a spot or two (nothing major) While writing this and being on my first day of the time of the month no spots have reared their ugly heads yet. My skin is blemish free, glowing and pretty even in complexion. Not to mention the dark circles under my eyes seem to have lifted a little. My skin I would say is combination and prone to blemishes and the products used as part of a day and night time routine (as well as a few others not part of the elemis skincare) my skin seems to be as good as ever.




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