Gorgeous Summer Skirts For £20 This Summer

Hello Sauce pots! Summer is in full swing right now, what with all the school children out for summer – me included and when you are reading this I am currently surfing the Cornish waves on my new surfboard. Yep that is right finally, after wanting a surfboard since I was little own my first ever one! It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to stare at it when I’m not out on the water or riding it through the waves, learning to become one.. Woah ok I am out of my surfing trance haha. With summer in mind I thought I would share some gorgeous summer skirts of all lengths, whether that be maxi, midi, mini, ruffled, tie waist, a line, satin, denim I could go on. Skirts are perfect paired with cute tops, simple tee’s or jumpers for this time of year depend on what the weather decides to present us on any given day.

This year I have been very into skirts for summer. I am on journey to be more sustainable with my clothing – not necessarily shopping from sustainable brands – just yet! But I will hands up  say I am forever giving clothes to the charity and that is not sustainable for me and my bank nor on the environment. But we will talk about my style journey another day. But yes, skirts are my go to at the moment. Luckily the one that I am wearing is still currently in stock on ASOS, but however is on sale on the actual Nobody’s Child site in a select few sizes! But I have scoured the internet and any that I have taken a shying to linked down below so that you too can update your skirt wardrobe if needed during this time of the year. Because let’s be honest skirts are only a seasonal piece and we need to enjoy and wear them as much as we can until we vacuum pack them away for a year or so.


I went through and found a few that I love but also tried to think of what others may like too to give a wide range of options. My favourite is probably the pretty little thing sage green mini bias cut satin skirt, because imagine it with shirts over the top or even just jumpers, or with a blouse or tee and heels for a date night. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. But also incase you’re not too sure the one I am wearing is the first of the lot and honestly I love it! If you can’t tell with my smiley face and how I styled it!

Well that’s it from me now, back to bikinis and the waves. Or wrapped in hoodies and towels shivering on the beach, oh how fashion! Happy shopping chicks x


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  1. Candice says:

    These are so cute

    Candice x


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