Five Fragrances That You Need To Know About For Summer

It’s hard writing about perfumes. They are sensory thing and one that can’t really be fully immersive unless you smell it in person. However whenever I am on the look out for a new perfume to indulge in I head over to the influencers, their blogs, youtube or instagram to see what they are currently loving. I found that SamanthaMaria was always my go to for perfumes as although I could never smell them till I went and smelt them for myself, she sold me on said perfumes in her Youtube videos. It just goes to show how well of a job influencers do, or the fact I am the dream audience and a sucker for what somebody else has.

Before we go any further I have to disclose that I am by no means a fragrance expert, I know what I like and if I get a whiff of something and I like it well, then it’s mine. I know the kinds of scents I like but I have no idea really what the difference between top note, heart note or base note is, nor do I know the reasons for these different notes. The only reason I know what I like is because certain scents I am drawn by and when reading up on descriptions I see repeat offenders or scents that pop up in pretty much all the scents I like and thus any fragrance that has those notes I will lean towards those knowing I should hopefully enjoy the scent, although when I see things like pine needles I do wonder whether I should just go and rub up against a Christmas tree y’know?

However, if you too are a sucker for a perfume and the know the difference between your vetiver and neroli then I have included all of the notes to each scent so you too may end up influenced and add to your perfume collection, because personally there is no such thing as too many scents as I now associate each perfume I own to times in my life or times in my life I will create and if that isn’t enough of a reason to stock up on perfumes I don’t know what is, not to mention that some you can’t wear in certain season, because that would just be ridiculous am I right!?

I understand that these fragrances are probably on the more luxury side, but it’s something I really treat myself to because honestly it’s my favourite finishing touch and one of my favourite rituals is spritzing for the day, my favourite compliment is one someone says I smell nice, I actually got a hug from a child a few months ago and she said I smelt really nice and it reminded her of her mum and clearly her mum has good taste in perfumes so a salute to her mum, but even little compliments like that make me think a fragrance choice was a good one you know. So although you might not find these in your Debenhams and may need a little search for I promise they’d be worth it. Not to mention all bar the Jo Malone fragrance were bought either on Ebay or TKMAXX you just gotta search a little and you will find a gem for a fraction of the price, if you do not trust buying a fragrance of Ebay and things I will include the price from a retail which I think is currently the best deal.

Tory Burch – Bel Azur

NotesBergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Neroli, Pink Peppercorn,
Peony, Patchouli Heart, Vetiver Heart, Cedarwood Oil.
Price: £73 for 50ml

Tory Burch’s Bel Azur oozes inspiration from the sun shimmering on crystal blue waters in France. It instantly transports me to the beach sitting in a bikini while sun heats up my skin and I’m hydrating on watermelon, because what else would you be doing really? It’s citrus notes mixed with the woody scent of vetiver make this fragrance the perfect mixture, not too sweet or too heavy. I for one am not a fan of citrus scents but this combination works well to create a light summery scent that isn’t too sickly. This fragrance is definitely for the warmer months but can easily be worn if you were to wonder around on warm city breaks any time of year. Plus with the blue of the bottle it just oozes summer, sea and beach vibes a perfect addition to any perfume collection.







Jo Malone – Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Top Note: Ambrette Seeds
Heart Note: Sea Salt
Base Note: Sage
Price: £69 for 50 ml

My favourite scent and one I constantly go for, special to me because both my boyfriend and best friend have gifted me my only bottles. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt again has that super beachy nostalgic scent but this time for UK beaches with the tall grass on sand dunes the wind whipping around your hair, seagulls heard above, the great British beach life. Every time I smell this scent a huge wave of calm and happy feelings evoke from me. While it has that beach vibe this scent actually reminds me of university nights out as this was my go to feel good and ready to hit the dance floor for the night while full of laughter and wearing outfits that I felt less than comfortable in. This fragrances lasts all day and if a sweaty school hall setting for a university night out isn’t a testament to that I don’t know what is.



Elizabeth and James – Nirvana Rose

Notes: Rose De Mai, Vetiver, Geranium
Price: £69 for 50ml

Definitely the sexiest scent I own. Elizabeth & James definitely put deep, masculine twist to a floral rose fragrance. I’m not really a fan of floral scents as stand alones although I will make an exception for Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede because again probably one of my favourites and it goes perfect with Wood Sage and Sea Salt. This scent however isn’t your usual floral scent, the first whiff can be very heavy and first quite consuming, it’s deep and heavy but it lingers off into a very romantic, sensual scent. I am currently listening to River by Leon Bridges and want nothing more than to get a glass of white wine, put on a satin slip dress and dance with my favourite person.


Byredo – Gypsy Water

Top: Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemon, Pepper
Heart: Incense, Orris, Pine Needle
Base: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Price: £110 for 50ml

Now this is definitely the most expensive of the lot. But you definitely pay for one of the most amazing smells I haven ever smelt. I have a funny story about this one too. Me and my friend decided to have a shopping day in London with the idea in our heads that we would treat ourselves to a very luxury fragrance. Byredo was definitely on our radars and we first went to Liberty to the counter. We smelt a good few, this being one of the first I smelt as I was really interested in this due to the name and my love of water and loved it when I smelt it, but being curious I decided to carry on smelling more. My nose however got very confused and we both decided to leave and have a think as we wanted the 100 ml which is £165. We ventured to Selfridges next and again smelt the perfumes thinking the air would clear our senses. However I ended up not going for this scent and got another. Now I wouldn’t say I was disappointed as the other scent is dreamy, however I do regret not getting this the first time round. Luckily Sam bought it for me for Christmas as he knows how much I loved it. Gypsy Water is a nod to the beauty of Romani Culture and its unique customs, intimate beliefs and distinguished way of living. The idea of wearing this and exploring the world just sounds so amazing to me.




Diptyque – DON SON

Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine and Amber wood
Price: £120 for 75ml of eau de parfum, £70 for 50ml of eau de toilette

A co-founder of diptqyue fragrance on a reminiscent memory of Do Son beach in Halong Bay in Vietnam as a child. With a mixture of the sea breeze and mountain air it remind Yves Coueslant of the heady and spicy scent of Tuberose. For me this scent as a nostalgic scent to it, although I have never been able to place my finger it is one that I adore wearing as it leaves me feeling all warm and light hearted. Although for Yves it reminds him of Vietnam, for me when wearing this perfume I want nothing more than to be around the Italian coastline, drinking Italian wine, diving into the sea and relaxing with a good book while walking around in nothing but an oversized linen white shirt and a bikini. I have never been to Italy but that’s the power of a fragrance isn’t it, it can help you experience or long to experience things you haven’t yet.


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