How I’m Wearing Wrap Style This Summer

Sitting in beer gardens with the sun warming my skin and the tie detail on a piece of clothing making it’s debut as you saunter to get the new drinks. There’s something about wearing a piece of clothing that has to be wrapped that screams summer to me. It’s a style I absolutely love wearing this time of year. But also something I feel I struggle to wear also. Now I’m no stylist, but I do know when I’ve worn this style in the past I haven’t felt the most confident. However this year I have really thought about how to wear this style to make me feel confident and these ideas are by no means ground breaking but it’s a way I’ve found to feel comfortable and confident wearing the wrap style trend.

Simple Grab and Go

There are days when I just want to pop on an outfit and go. Don’t get me wrong I still want to feel put together, so I like to focus on my hair and accessories, while they may be minimal too. I find this to be a pretty classic look. With this dress it gives you a nice airy feel from this gorgeous heat we are having, but pulled together with the side tie it can be such a piece to wear day to day. I feel that denim at this time of year is the perfect go too. In the autumn/winter I live in denim jeans, but when it gets to spring/summer I like to change up how I wear my denim and this still allows me to, just with out the denim plastering itself to my legs.


Basics, are my go to. I love creating outfits with basic pieces I already have and if you like spending your autumn/winter in midi skirts with a good jumper and boots are trainers. Well now you can try the midi skirt with a good wrap detail and a tee. The wrap allows for the skirt to be a little more airing, yes I keep going on about airing because well this weather has been HAWT not that I’m complaining I would LOVE for it to stay. But with a wrap detail it refreshes the midi dress and the tee shirt adds a new look from the chunky jumpers we are used to. Plus not to mention a white tee is a MUST in summer. It can go with so much.


A style I absolutely love and cannot get enough of this season is linen. That’s why I had to include these trousers when it came to styling a wrap top. This outfit is probably my favourite. I just fancy sipping wine with my favourite people and feeling uber confident in this. Now usually with tops that are wrap I am very wary of as I am not a fan of having my boobs out, that’s one thing that makes me feel super unconfident. With this top though I was able to wrap it all the way round and tie it securely around the back which meant my boobs were covered up enough and it created this gorgeous wrap.



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  1. Helen says:

    Looking beautiful Beth. Love your style!

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