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I can only but apologise for the fact I missed May’s one of these. But it could possibly be because the book I was trying to read in May I just could not get on with for the life of me and then May went by and I decided life was too short to read a book I wasn’t enjoying and so I put that book down, picked up another and begun reading. Thus meaning I have a book to include in June’s edition of this series.


With the return of Big Little Lies in their season two I couldn’t not include it! I think I am only on the 3rd episode so far (damn having to wait weekly) I think at first I was a little apprehensive because season one was so good and I was a little unsure how they would take the second season. But so far they are doing an amazing job! It’s still high tension and suspenseful with lots of pain and laughter too, not to mention the added extra of Meryl Streep being a new cast member, it’s just amazing! Without giving too much away as it’s definitely a must for people to watch. Season one follows 5 women Madeleine (Reese Witherspoon) a busybody kind hearted stay at home mum, her best friend Celeste (Nicole Kidman) once a successful attorney now also a stay at home mum as they befriend new girl Jane (Shailene Woodley) – talk about killer cast- Jane’s son joins the women’s children on their first day at school only to be accused of choking Amabella who is the daughter of successful business woman Renata (Laura Den). Which leads to parents splitting and taking sides with Madeleine’s ex husband and new wife (Zoe Kratiz) taking sides with Renata. All sounds completely juvenile in comparison to the event’s going on leading up to the event’s of the season’s finale which ends up with someone being killed at a school fundraiser. So as you can gather we are left in season two with the after math of season one’s finale and how everyone is coping/trying to investigate what happened that tragic and spine chilling night. I would honestly go as far to say it’s one of the best tv series I have watched in the past few years so I really hope season two is just as good!


So as previously mentioned I really struggled with a book in May, so much so I decided to give it a miss. I won’t mention said book as I am determined to read it again at some stage. I refuse to let a book beat me. However, I swapped out said book for Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. I didn’t know much about Dolly before I read her book, I dabbled in her podcast The High Low a little bit and heard many people singing her praise and also this book was pretty darn popular and I am a sucker when I see lot’s of people raving about a book.

Now I was a little skeptical because did I really want to read a memoir about a lady I didn’t know much about? However Dolly has an amazing talent of writing in the way in which it feels like it’s just two friends having a laugh and a chat about life over coffee and cake in a local cafe. The book is full of relatable anecdotes, one which got me talking to people on instagram about their thoughts and feelings about the subject of a midlife crisis and how Dolly begun to wonder if life was just waiting for buses to Tottenham Court Road and ordering books you’ll never read of amazon. This sparked a lot of conversation on my instagram about how people felt the same and things which was interesting. As well as including funny stories on how for example she decided at 4am in the morning after a night out she would get a taxi down the M1 to a guys flat. As well as the trial and tribulations of flat sharing, job searching, heartbreak, loss, and watching friends go through hard times while being there for them. It really is a heartwarming, funny and sad coming off age story all wrapped into one and so beautifully written. I true page turner and a pretty good quick read too!


This month’s listen has to go to The Quarter Life Crisis Podcast. It’s no secret that I feel a little lost and like I am going through my own quarter life crisis so I thought this podcast is pretty apt. I have 0nly listened to the first episode Everything is fine… but nothing is fine. The girls cover everything from wearing make up to work and their thoughts on whether it get’s you ‘places’ if you do, defining success and stunting social media. Many subjects I feel we can all relate to in this day and age as a Millennial.. I can’t quite decide if  I like that term, but hey ho! So many point’s in the podcast I was nodding along and agreeing with how I was feeling right now. They really hit the nail on the head what it’s like to be a little out of your depths in this day and age. It’s such an important listen if you too have been feeling a little lost and like you are having a quarter life crisis.


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  1. candice says:

    Definitely going to check out this book.

    Candice x


  2. Emma Lisa says:

    I’ve heard so many good things about Everything I Know About Love – definitely going to be the next book I read! x


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