Outfits Of The Week

Most days I like to document my outfits of the day on instagram stories. But after seeing Chloe post her 5 outfits in 5 days. I thought what a perfect idea. I love when people do Youtube videos of what they wore in a week. I have always wondered how to do that for a blog post. But as always I always over think things and thought that a daily mirror selfie would be far too chill for my old blog, but it’s not. It’s casual and has all the details of an outfit in so hey presto, the first outfit of the week post is live! I’d love to know whether you like this and if you’d want it to be a weekly/now and again feature to the blog! I will try and link everything worn (using affiliate links) and if I can’t find the actual product I will link alternatives as things like the dress in my first outfit post is from primark and well obviously they don’t have a shop online. {also I have to apologise for the quality of tuesday’s photo, I forgot to take one in the mirror and so had to take one on the go – although I am aware none of the photos are A* quality}










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