How I Practice Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction

I wanted to write this post about using the law of attraction, but I don’t want it to be another wishy washy post, ramping and raving about it and preaching how everyone should live this way and if you don’t you won’t get to where you want to be. Believe me that’s how I used to feel when I first read up and heard about it.

When I first saw the idea pop up into the blogosphere I was all consumed by it. I tried to live, eat and breath it. I remember I tried to visualise a marble, a specific marble, blue with gold specks. I got angry that weeks after trying to visualise this and it never appeared I got upset. But I didn’t let this fault me too much. I continued writing affirmations for the things I wanted. I wrote them every day in a book. I carried them around with me and any moment at work I tried to read them. They weren’t small affirmations too, it was a good half a page of writing I tried to read every time I was alone or caught a quiet minute at work. It consumed me. If I wasn’t writing or reading them I felt super guilty. I would probably say it was unhealthy.

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I’m not going to lie and say I thought of this and that and the next day bam! It appeared. Oh no. I have had a few attempts at this. I tried, failed, tried, failed. I felt guilty if I hadn’t read my affirmations a good few times a day, I would punish myself if I hadn’t written 10 things I’m grateful for. I would get upset and angry and think that because of this my goals were never going to appear, that you had to 100% be positive all the time and if you had one second of self doubt then your affirmations would never come true. But this isn’t the case and something I strongly want to tell you is so wrong. It was unhealthy and by no means true. We’re all human, we all have down days, just don’t let them consume (not just because of the law of attraction) it’s just not healthy to let the negative feelings consume you.

This time though, I went into the idea looking at it from another view point. I simply decided to see the ideas as a way to help me to feel a little more grateful towards life and bring some positivity as well. Well that’s essentially what practicing has bought to me, more gratitude and a positive outlook on life. I went with more of a mindfulness approach, because with mindfulness you can before more grounded and positive, which I feel was a way that worked for me to look at taking on the approach of the law of attraction.

Now to begin my journey towards mindfulness and law of attraction look on life. Which may I add I am still working on and by no means an expert in. But the first step I’ve taken is learning to be more present and grounded, but also allowing to slow my mind and visualise what I want with meditation. I try to do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. My challenge is to get up to 15 minutes each time I meditate daily. But honestly right now, my mind is so fast moving with everything that 5 minutes is a challenge and that’s ok. I like to try and focus on my breathing and have a clear mind (a lot harder than you think if you have tried meditating) Anyway I like to start my day and end my nights with this as most and I want to reiterate the most because it’s not always 100% but I feel calmer and more at ease with my whirling thoughts that it then becomes easier for my to feel positive about anything else that may go on or when it comes to visualising what I want in my life. Also I do want to put it out there, that since actually closing my 7569543 tabs on my laptop strangely enough it has the same effect of calming my whirling mind has helped me focus more at tasks at hand.

Another things I do is try and write between 5-10 things I am grateful for daily. I think for anyone even if you have no interest in the law of attraction and things should do this. I feel this is where I have managed to see such a positive change in myself. I write down things that happened to me in the current day, things that happened to me in the past even as far back as my childhood and just really simple things. Some examples I like to say are things as simple as “I am so grateful for the beautiful blue sky” “I am so grateful the flavours in my lunch today” or they can be things like “I am so grateful for a certain job opportunity” ‘I am so grateful for x, y and z” in my life. You can be as deep or as light hearted as you want. That’s the fun of it! But honestly being able to notice the small things really has helped change my perceptive on life. Because even in a bad day there is always something to be grateful for. If you want to add a little more positivity in your life then this is number one thing you should be doing. I literally just write them in my notes app on my phone or you can write them in a notebook. It’s up to you.

Now on to the law of attraction part of my new routine. For anyone that isn’t sure what affirmations are they help us to visualise things in a positive way. To try and help us think less negatively and when repeated we often start believing in them and they can help us feeling positively towards the things we want most. A lot of people think it’s a bit airy fairy and just wishful thinking. But as I read before, most of us take the time to exercise our physical bodies, so why not do that with our mental? We are basically exercising our minds to think more positively. So in short affirmations are phrases that can help us feel more positive and give us direction to what we want. When thinking about affirmations we think or speak about what we want as if we already have it so for example if I’m feeling a little wobbly in my emotions I may say “while I am aware I’m not feeling 100% I know that I am happy, have calmness and positivity” If you repeat it enough times, research has proven that it can be enough to calm you, regain confidence and improve chances of a successful outcome (and yes I have read a few articles and while you can’t believe everything someone writes or says this pops up often as the results from the law of attraction) That is why people use it to manifest things they want into their life, whether it be a car, house, a job, love, friends, more travel or more money. People have said they have manifested these things into their lives so it’s clear to see why people get so hooked on the idea and want to give it a try. So in short if their is something you want to manifest into your life then you need to start thinking of it as if you have it, think of how it would make you feel to have it, visualise yourself with it and say the affirmations in your head or allowed at least once a day (but don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t for a few days/weeks) Just to clarify that you won’t get what you want just from thinking of it in a positive way. While that helps because if you are thinking positively about it you are more willing to see all the good coming along with the journey you do need to still work for it.

But there is no harm in daily if you can saying or thinking about what you want most in the world. It is said that you should focus on one specific thing bring all the positive energy to that. I think that’s where I went wrong, I wanted everything, the job, the house, the travel, the relationships.While it’s still ok to want those things I have learnt to hone in on one and then when I have achieved that I can move onto what I want next and bring all the positive energy towards that and then the next. But however it is important to enjoy the journey you are going on in life and appreciate and feel grateful for what you have in the here and now otherwise how would you feel grateful for what you want right now. Ok so I am getting a bit airy fairy now. But you get the gist.

I want more gratitude and positivity in my life and I have a lot I want to achieve and do with my life so the two go hand in hand. The more I practice being grateful, the more I will love the life I am living and the journey I am on Rather than wishing for more and learning to live in the present will bring more abundance to my life.

And with that wishy washy explanation of how I am bringing more positivity to my life (something I fear is hard not to do) , I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you do.





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  1. Jenna says:

    Great post! I think it is so important to practice gratitude. I used to spend a few minutes in the morning writing down a few things I was grateful for, and it really helped me get in a positive mindset for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing this post!
    Jenna ♥
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    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Yes I love that, it really is so important isn’t and can really set your tone for the day! Love this

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