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It’s that time in the month again where I talk you through all that I have been watching, reading and listening too. Not gonna lie I kinda enjoy writing these posts, considering I only write once a week at the moment I kinda feel like these are cheat posts because it’s the same thing every month. But nonetheless I enjoy writing them.



Okay, I think everyone and their dog is watching Game of Thrones at the moment. Yes I am going to harp on about it, apologise to those that are moaning about hearing about it all the time. But it really is that good. Me and a colleague of mine were asked to describe what it was and why it was so good and as hyped as it was. Honestly we kind of caught off guard as to why. We said that the writers just really entice you with the characters there is something about them you just need to see more off. Of course the whole idea of the show is that different families or houses as it were are fighting for the main throne, the iron throne. But within this families get separated and things and they all end up having their own stories and journeys, their woes, and their highs. Plus with lots of action there is just something to really love about it. What I would say though is that if you think it is too late to start watching now as the last season is airing that is not the case. You can still totally sit and watch it and let’s not lie here we’re all avid binge watches and you can totally binge it.

But if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan then fear not. I have also been watching The Office US. I know it’s old and many of you have probably seen it. But I’m late to the party okay! But seriously it is so funny. Some of the stuff they come out with is so out there and that is definitely my kind of humour. Also can we just all take a minute to talk about how much we ship Jim and Pam, they are just perfect. The show, for those that may not have seen it literally follows a group of people that work in an office under the management of Michael Scott and it is almost shot like a moctumentary type of way, the character look at the camera and have rooms they go to and speak directly to the camera. Following all the employees day to day lives. I very good easy watch.


So this month I read The Only Story by Julian Barnes. The book is told in three parts, all with different voices. The first is told in first person from the perspective of a 19 year old boy called Paul, who meets and falls in love with 48 year old Susan when they are matched to play Tennis together. Susan is married to an awful man and all he does is drinks pretty much with no affection at all. With that Paul and Susan begin having an affair right under the nose of Susan’s Husband. Without giving the book away the author cleverly writes all three parts of the book from first to third person. We see everything from love, love lust, alcoholism, and heartbreak through out the life of Paul.

I actually found this book quite dull, I didn’t mind the first section but felt there wasn’t much romance to the start of an affair and it was all a bit silly with how under the nose it was of the whole Susan’s family and how the husband pretty much let it happen was just ridiculous. The second part was a little more entertaining as this is when the alcoholism and harrowing parts were put in and we saw the effects that an affair can have on the affair-y. But honestly by part three I was so ready to finish the book and read it without taking much in, kind of reading it for the sake of finishing it.

I was quite disappointed as I was excited to read the book, the blurb sounded exciting. Especially with the question at the top being “Would you rather love the more and suffer the more; or love the less, and suffer the less? It led me to think it would be a turbulent, passionate and roller coaster of a love story. Unfortunately that was not the case.


Ok so this might be quite a lengthy section this week because there is just SO much I want to include.

So let’s start with the podcast Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum this podcast is by two babes Lizzy and Lindsay. As well as being my two favourite bloggers, can I have both there wardrobes please?! They have delved into the world of Podcasts. The podcast is pretty much what it states in the title, they speak about all things you can’t talk to your mum about. I have listened to the first two episodes so far and these girls have been so honest from the start. The first episode talks all about how to keep the spark in long term relationships, being open and honest with a partner, but also when it’s best to call it quits and the tell tale signs. The second is all about breakups. It talks about how to have the strength to break up, how to be single again and all the in between. The girls talk first hand from their own experiences which I think is really refreshing as it’s away that us as listeners can relate but also giving advice to people that may be in those situations and helping those. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their podcast have the first two have been amazing. Have a listen from down below.

The next Podcast I want to talk about is Vix Meldrew’s. Honestly she is one mega babe. I have had the pleasure of speaking to her through email a few times and she is such a ray of beautiful sunshine. She is always willing to give advice and be your personal cheerleader when needed and she continues to do that for everyone through her podcast Exciting Emails. Vix was once a Primary Teacher, something I can relate to slightly she shares all her insights on how she went from doing that to blogging full time which we are all aware is an ambition of mine. (we could be the same people! I joke, I joke Vix, don’t worry haha) She answers all questions plus more in showing us how we can turn a hobby we love into a money making platform, she talks about how to start a blog, find your niche, growing a following, making money, and everything else. Vix has created such an amazing community and she is absolutely smashing it. If you want to smash it to then listen below.

Lastly, if you want some new music in your life then a couple of Sunday’s ago I stumbled on this playlist and funnily enough it’s called Sweet Soul Sunday.. I mean it was definitely because I was browsing spotify on a Sunday and that’s why it popped up but honestly I listen to this often at the moment and from it have found lots of new songs which I love as well as having songs I already know and love also. It’s the perfect playlist to put on on you got it, a Sunday and get some work done or just have some down time. Thoroughly enjoying this!

That concludes this months or should I say last months, watch, read and listen to loves! Let me know what you have been enjoy this month or if you have watched, read or listened to any of the above as I would love to know your thoughts on them.


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