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I can’t lie when writing the title of this post I totally had the Camp Rock 2 Introducing me song in my head.

Constantly I am asking myself can I do this? Why do I do this? I think it comes from the fact that I am trying to work out how to make a little (a lot) extra income. I am constantly trying to work out affiliate marketing strategies, SEO, the importance of DA authority and all of the in between, what I’ve been told is important if you ever want to make some income from your corner of the internet. Many articles says you need to know what you are doing to help people, what will people get out of coming to your blog. My number one biggest problem. I mean don’t get me wrong I know what I want people to get out of it. I want them to go away feeling positive, I want to make people laugh, help them with their wardrobe when they feel like they don’t know how to style things, give them products ideas to try out when they want to try new skincare, make up, clothing. I want to show people what the world has to offer when travelling. I want to show people ways we can help our planet in it’s most needed time and also how to be fit and healthy both mentally and psychically while not focusing on how are body actually looks. But most of all I want to be relatable. I want people to always come to my little space because we can all relate to each other. I want to be like a friend to everyone and create a community where we can all chat and share our thoughts, a safe place if you will. Something I talk about often.

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This post came to mind because of the following frazzled mind dump from above, how can I achieve all of this. The main reason for all of this is because although I have this little place, I never really introduced myself. So how can I start a community and chats and the helping people if you don’t know me and who I am?

So here we go. Hello! My name is Beth, I’m currently 24 and live in Brighton and have done my whole life. For the sake of my instagram I would say I am a fashion blogger, but in all honesty I want to be an all rounder lifestyle blogger, influencer whatever you want to call it.

I grew up with my mum, stepdad and 2 brothers and 2 sisters, 1 brother and 1 sister being from my mum and stepdad but we have never viewed each other as half brother and sister, because in all honesty I think that’s just beyond ridiculous. I went on my first holiday when our step dad came into our lives and thats where my love for travelling arrived. We went to Tenerife yearly, snowboarding twice, I visited Disney Land,( a big dream of mine from little) and although I always had the newest in trend kids toy or consoles. I do have to say we didn’t get them willy nilly. We lived what I feel quite a privileged childhood but I’d like to think we were and still are very humble as we knew where are roots are from.

Before we met our step dad we didn’t have a car, we lived on plain pasta and microwaved veggies (best meal ever) and my mum used to say we had a HUGE breakfast (2 slices of toast, cereal, fruit and milk) a teacher once told my mum that was quite extravagant for breakfast but my mum said she did it in fear there wouldn’t be enough for dinner, although I never noticed a difference. Everyday was spent at the park or beach after school and weekends from the moment we woke till the sun went down with my twin and our two boy childhood friends. We spent our days playing Rugrats or Teen Titans. If any child asked to play with us we would say no – it did get us into trouble with other parents but our parents always said that we shouldn’t have to play with others and that they took us to the park together to play together – probably quite snobbish but hey ho. I would hand on heart tell anyone I had the childhood from dreams I loved every minute and it’s the exact childhood I want for my children one day.

Secondary school was spent in a big friendship group and Friday’s at house parties or on the school field (cool kid over here) drinking copious amounts of vodka and coke. But always being super smart about it all. My mum even said once that she didn’t really mind where and when my twin would come home because she knew we were sensible and that’s why we had the freedom we did as teens. One time a group of the girls went to the beach and these men came up on their jet ski’s and asked if we wanted to swim out and have ago (perhaps not that sensible as we said yes and they could of taken us anywhere) But regardless an experience and we were always open and honest about with our parents. Which helped the fact we were always honest where we were, what we were doing/did and who we were with, probably a big reason we had the freedom we did.

I lived in London for 2 years while at the University of Roehampton studying Primary Education – you can read about my experience here. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything with my degree, a hefty debt for nothing and while I still work in a school as a teaching assistant it’s not something I plan on doing for much longer. I still think sometimes I should try teaching for a year as I love working with children, but the knowledge of work/life balance and knowing I would struggle to do my side hustle of blogging make it a hard decision for me.

I currently live at my boyfriend Sam’s family house with his parents, brother and their dog, but we are trying to save like crazy people to move out. We have been together for 8 years.. well my mum likes to say 17 years as we were childhood sweet hearts but again you can read more about us in this blog post. But he is my absolute rock and I wouldn’t want to ride the wave of life and experience everything – I mean everything- with anyone else (very deep)

I started blogging when I went to college, deleted it, started again in University, deleted and now pagesfrom-beth is here and has been since November last year. I have many regrets about stopping and starting previously but with so much insecurity of caring what people thought of the whole idea the lack of continuity stopped me doing it. I always argue with myself about what to blog about too, something that probably hinders my growth. I know full well this is because of the thought that I could potentially reach A LOT of people, or even if I just reach 1 or 2 people I want to use my part of the internet to make a difference. I want to somehow use this place to help somehow – whether it’s helping people make better choices to help the environment and animals or even helping us as people to feel better about ourselves, psychically and/or mentally. As well as posting life dwellings, style, beauty and travel but as I’m sure you can tell I haven’t managed to get all these ideas up and running on this as me and ideas don’t seem to gel too well. I have lots of them, I just don’t know how to get it all down into this blog.

As well as what I want to do with my blog and finding a way I can really make difference, although a friend did recently say to me as I was having a meltdown about this little blog that he thought I already helped people as I give them advice and make people laugh or smile with my posts. He also said that when people read my posts he reckoned people did agree with my opinions and were relieved they weren’t the only ones. While that may be the case I want more. But anyway as I spoke about that above I’ll get on with what else I want to do, because after all this is a ramberly post by me. Many a passions I have is to buy a house, bungalow or maisonette and completely renovate it, then to put it on air bnb or rent it while Sam and I go off in a van we fully convert into a house on wheels with a kitchen, possibly a toilet and shower, electricity and wifi (I have watched many a videos on youtube and followed so many instagrams where I have watched people convert a van) and travel around Europe. But also try and get it shipped to America also and do north and south America as well as Canada. Sounds like a dream life but 0ne I am determined to full fill. As well as these two big goals I want a decent paid job and have been debating going into marketing for a while but don’t have the balls to apply for jobs yet as I know my blog and things would help but worried it would be me out of my depth. I also would one day love to write a book, even for myself. I love writing and if I could create stories like Sally Rooney’s well that would be amazing. I also have dreams of being a yoga teacher and life coach. Not much on the list of things I want to do with my life.

But as Sam said on one night fuelled by a contraceptive pill meltdown, that only I can make all of this happen. I need to stop sitting around and waiting for all this to happen and go out and do it instead of sitting around and saying ‘I would like to do this or that’ or just mentioning to him willy nilly little things I want to do. This is probably a biggest flaw of mine is I don’t just go and do it. Something I am working on. But currently I am a teaching assistant that also works at an after school club to try and scrounge all money I can get together, which leaves me with just about enough energy to gym a few times a week before I come home, have dinner, shower and crash in front of the tv for a couple of hours before I have fallen asleep. Although that’s not a great thing to do because all of the above I want to achieve is then put on the back burner.

Basically in a nutshell I write on this little corner of the internet, to appeal to those that feel a little lost in their lives, whether it be job wise or life wise, I want people to come here and no that it’s normal to feel how they do and that everything will be ok. I want those to come here and see that you can so outfit repeat and you don’t need to have the latest and greatest items of clothing. The people who care about friends, relationships, travels, careers. To people that know when to be serious and also how to have a laugh. Those that try to have healthy sex lives when living under a parents roof and also trying to find their way onto the property ladder. I want this space to be for everyone alike no matter who you are or where you a from. Where we chat, laugh, cry and have each others banks, like the girl gang for the internet.

So that’s me, all wrapped into one! I hope to see you all around and popping up in my comments where we can have a metaphorical chin chin with wine glasses and a giggle over all sorts, but also shoulders to cry on when needed.





8 responses to “Introducing Me”

  1. Lucie says:

    Hey Beth! A lovely open lil letter type thing, I enjoyed reading 🙂 I like your thoughts and ambitions to make a place people can relate to and help emotionally and physically. I agree, most fashion bloggers are (no offence, not you!) boring and all samey and I don’t personally like all the consumption. They wear different clothes every day and what happens to the clothes after? Do they get put in a cupboard and not worn much? Or maybe even thrown away eventually which is fast fashion, or do they get sent back which yes is better for the environment but that just seems a bit fake because they don’t actually wear them like they portray they do. And I feel there is an elite feel to it all, wearing the latest fashions and constantly buying new things just for more followers and to be gifted items which they may get rid of easier because they didn’t actually pay for it? Maybe I’m wrong with this all as (obvs) I’m not a fashion blogger! But that’s my outside view ha! I like when you re wear things like shoes and jewellery and jumpers, but styling with different jeans or skirt. It’s more real like that, as you know, the every day person doesn’t just wear one top with one bottoms and nothing else! I know this is a ramble but I hope you get what I’m saying!! I think it’s so fab you want a different and more humble approach to this all. It is power when you have people following your blog/instagram and you will definitely influence peoples decisions. Which is great if used in the right way. I know you will get to where you want to be, just takes time. Nothing happens quickly as I’m sure you know. I didn’t get the jobs I want for at least a year because things take time and you just have to keep leaning from your experiences and use everything to make a better you! Well done Beth you are a cutie and a super star, you keep going with all those ambitions. You are still very young and there’s no rush to do everything you want in just a few years. You have more of your life ahead of you than you have behind you. Just keep doing what you want and not what you think society wants you to do. People don’t like the sheep for a long time, they get boring!! Love you lots xxx

    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Oh this is amazing to read! I couldn’t agree more I feel that it’s all kind of the same nowadays and nothing different or positive if you know what I mean. Exactly a lot of the clothes get sold but its not real to pose in an outfit once then sell it. why accept the items if you won’t keep (obviously we don’t keep clothes forever but yeah) I have always said I want to be someone that shows how to wear the same pieces over and over again. Obviously its good to have ‘in’ pieces because it keeps your wardrobe fresh, but admittedly I have bought pieces because it’s ‘in’ but never really liked it so got rid of it. Exactly it’s such power, today I was at a football game that had an attendance of 5200 people and it absolutely shocked me because I have more followers than that on my instagram and it was SO many people that choose to follow me and so I know I need to actually do something pretty positive. Absolutely I need to find out what I want my angle to be and how to implement it and I’m sure I can, even if it takes a while! Love you lots xxx

  2. Pinja says:

    This was such a lovely post to read Beth! I always love finding out a bit more about the person behind the screen and it was fun finding out a bit more about you, your background and future aspirations ♥︎ I’m sure you’ll achieve anything you want in life when you put your mind to it! xx

    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Thank you so much lovely! I love finding out about the person too, it really does make it all so much more personal doesn’t it! Thank you girl I hope so! xx

  3. Emma Lisa says:

    It was so interesting learning a bit more about you – I love learning about the creators behind the content! x

  4. I have a really bad habit of wanting to do well and being ambitious but also I’m not very foreward so wait for things to come to me…Which doesn’t really work that well when there’s so many go-getters out there! but so true that only you can make it happen.

    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Oh my god this is me!! I want to do SOO much with my life and yet I sit around and just moan about the fact I’m not doing it and I get upset and really I just need to work hard and do it!

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