Is There Such Thing As Personal Style?

I have always felt a little lost in clothing which sounds silly considering I’m constantly posting outfits to instagram. Often I feel stuck at a cross roads and unsure what I should be seeing in my wardrobe. In these moments I tend to turn to pinterest which can be very helpful but equally not at all. I can spend hours looking and creating boards for each season but in reality what I should be doing is browsing clothing websites and seeing what sparks that inspiration and the ideas of outfit creating.

I’ve tried many a times to describe my style and a lot of the time when asked I would say comfortable, basic, with a third being hard to think of. However I don’t like either of these words. Basic insinuates laziness, something I feel I definitely don’t do with my dressing as I enjoy styling outfits so much I would say I am far from lazy with my outfits. Comfortable I feel means I am constantly wearing trainers, jeans and a trusty jumper and while I do wear the the majority of the time at work – we can’t have children ruining my clothes! I would say I like comfort but that doesn’t mean I won’t put on those heels and sandals and saunter around town till my feet feel like they are going to fall off.

I’ve had many a styles through out my life. In my early teens I was all about camouflage cargo trousers and surfing brand tee’s, the baggier the trousers the better I went for garish coloured shoes – think red, blue and white nikes, yellow hi top converse, brown converse.. it makes me shiver with disgust when I look back, but hey I would say in our early teens we all dressed with out much sense *shakes fist at teenagers that don’t go through dodgy dressing phase now days.* I would say through</span><span style=”font-size: 16px;”>out my secondary school years it didn’t get much better, although I can’t really complain because it’s what everyone wore when at school. Think flannel check shirts, Abercrombie, jeggings, uggs, garish florals, hollister, american apparel hoodies, shorts that practically showed your bum –  you get the gist. Actually when I look back through photos now I would actually say my best outfits if I had to pick was actually school uniform and that was literally black leggings, a long vest to cover my bum, a white shirt and a pretty loose tie (too cool for school) and a pair of hi top nikes, even that sounds pretty garish but it was the least cringe to look at, they don’t have school uniform for nothing eh?

College was when I discovered blogs and the likes of liv purvis and lily melrose in particular. So my outfits were inspired by bloggers, my wardrobe started to include real jeans again -thank the lord!!- shirts, shirts with peter pan collars, garish necklaces,  you name it if these two had it I would try to recreate. Even as the years have gone on (and I found my old blog) I look back on outfits and I think.. why!? They just weren’t really me. I’ve always been a bit of a lose with outfits and feel I just kinda throw things together because that’s how other bloggers I admire have dressed and regardless as to whether it’s actually me or not and whether I’ve felt comfortable it’s what I’ve worn, not because it feels like me, but because that’s what others have been wearing so I must too.

I feel like I have never had a “personal style” I put the term in speech marks because as the title suggests is their really such a thing as personal style? I just sat and did the topshop style quiz to see what they thought and straight away I was stumped on the first question of how you identify as your style, firstly you were only able to pick one option and then when I was presented with the Tomboy edit and I scrolled through nothing they suggested I particularly liked, sorry topshop but you got that wrong. When asked how I identify I always go into a state of panic and like to go for casual, basic, comfortable. I feel these words do particularly suit me well though, for one I feel basic just means not much thought goes into my wardrobe and I’m happy in having 7 white tee’s and a rotation of black and blue jean in my wardrobe. Talk about boring, comfortable insinuates trackies, always wearing trainers and big slouchy jumpers. Essence of each I would agree I have in my wardrobe but I wouldn’t distinctively identify as any of the three. Due to the fact I don’t know how I want to dress or what my personal style is has quite embarrassingly seen far too many wardrobe clear outs which always leaves me with the bare minimum and lack of inspiration.

But really much like the seasons and our personalities we are forever changing. Sometimes I want to just throw on jeans and a jumper a pair of trainers and be done with it. Other times I might go satin skirt, tee and heels or trainers dependant on how much walking there is to do. Leather jacket, floral tee dress and dr martens anyone? Some days that’s my vibe! Long maxi dresses, lots of make up and heels maybe I’m feeling bougie today. What I choose to wear is dependent on the weather, how I’m feeling on any given day and what I’m up to. Sometimes I want to be super girly, other days give me androgynous vibes, beachy boho, casual the options are limitless, why feel like you are restricted to one? Thus making personal style a confusing and pointless idea.

Clothes I feel, for me anyway are used to express who I am as a person personality and how am I feeling at certain points. Your clothes can make you feel confident even if you aren’t sure yourself in mood wise, it can communicate a lot to people just who you are. They’re such an expression of you that people don’t realise.

What I’m trying to say is not one size fits all, much like clothing not one style fits all. If you’re someone that always dresses androgynously and then the next day you want to dress super girly you do you. At the end of a day your ‘personal style’ can be whatever you want it to be, and it’s about not feeling like you have to stick to one style just because it’s what you’ve worn for years. Dressing is a form of creativity so try whatever you want whenever you want. Because if you don’t try something on you won’t know whether you’ll love it or not!





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  1. Isobel says:

    Very true to this blog post! I really enjoyed reading this and it’s made me think, as lately I’ve been wearing quite a lot of comfortable clothes like trainers with a T-shirt and jeans but now I want to get my style back & get my stylish, creative self back!

    Isobel x

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    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more, going to work 5 days a week can really drain your personal style and I am so bored of wearing jeans and a jumper. But it’s time to play with your wardrobe and get creative! x

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