What To Watch, Read and Listen To | March

I’ve done it, I’ve managed to get my what to watch, read and listen to up in the first weekend of March. Like is planned for this series. And let me tell you, this month I have actually easily managed to pick one for each category. I think that’s a double high five for me. So let’s just dive straight into it.


So in March Sam and I decided to start watch The 100. When it first came out I watched the first season and then as you do when in your late teens you find yourself busy with other things and you drastically fall behind so decide not to continue with said season you were watching. Now The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear destroyed earth and people were made to flee and live in space in 12 space stations prior to the war. The 12 space stations known as The Ark house only 2,400 people. Due to The Arks life support system is found to be failing so they send 100 prisoners who are all under the age of 18 (over 18’s if caught committing crimes just get floated) down to earth to see if it is habitable. The teens arrive and begin to set up life not without a few coming together struggles but soon find out that they aren’t the only ones that survived the war and it is in fact also inhibited by ‘grounders’.

Now this is a little si-fi, something neither Sam or I are big fans of. But it really works and the si-fi is a-okay. There is lots of tense parts, a bit of gore and so much goes on. It’s definitely not the peace and happiness they so thought they’d find when coming back to earth. I would say if you enjoy things like Game of Thrones and Vikings you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s the type of show I love to watch but I do need to watch something funny after because my goodness the gore and sadness is unreal. I hate to admit I cried when a character died the other night and I NEVER cry at films or tv shows too much.. it could be because I am currently on my period though.

But yes, well worth a watch and there are currently 4 whole season on Amazon Prime at the moment.


Last month saw me reading Sally Rooney’s Normal People and after finishing and loving that I thought it would be wrong not to read her first book straight after. The book is so subtle and intelligent and is about two 21 year old  college students, Frances and her former lover Bobbi. They both perform poetry together and this means they meet and  strangely connect with a married couple. Melissa a Photographer and essayist who meets them first and takes such an interest in the pair she wants to photograph and write a piece about the girls and then she introduces them to her tall, dark and handsome husband Nick, an Actor. When the couples have met Frances and Nick quickly fall into flirtation with one another which leads to a very complicated affair and in turn the girls get invited to post parties and even a holiday in France.

Written with intelligence and precision Sally Rooney has been able to capture the the dangers and pleasures of what it’s like to live in your youth.


So this months is a little different. Since the beginning I have shared music playlists from Spotify. But this month we are moving on to podcasts. I love a good podcast. One that has particularly taken my fancy is Girls Gotta Eat. It’s hosted by two girls Rayna and Ashely and I feel nothing is off limits with these two. They discuss guys they’ve f*cked, sex, drugs and relationship roles, how to meet people in the wild and how to get over and ex.

Although I’m not single, nor have I ever dated so can’t really relate I can’t help but laugh at their discussion and I even do think yes girls! So right! I listened to their Sex, Drugs and Relationship Roles podcast and honestly was trying not laugh as I was walking to and from work, They were joined by Comedian Ari Shaffir and they chatted about non-monogamy and honesty in relationships, why he doesn’t want kids, leaving his religion and how doing drugs can change your life. (a lot to cover right) which is why I love the fact these episodes are about an hour and a half. Honestly I have never enjoyed a podcast more. I even spoke to Sam about it. Not about being non-monogamy – I’m a one man kinda gal. But just about the things they discussed and talked about because I loved it so much!

I highly recommend giving it ago!

So below is their most recent podcast. Go on give it ago!



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