What To Watch, Listen To And Read | February

Hello, Yes I know we’re half way through March now and yet here I am posting about my February post on what I watched, listened to and read back in the cold month. February saw the month where I actually knuckled down and absorbed my time in reading. My evenings were spent reading and reading some more. It was bliss, I actually forgot why I had stopped reading so frequently because it was just so lovely to get into bed, put on a playlist and read.

After all we know that the winter months are for not really going out because who wants to go out and freeze when you can stay cosy and warm with a good book, a glass of white wine and solid playlist while your boyfriend plays on the xbox and occasionally makes you jump as the excitement of  the game consumes him.


In the month of February I feel like we didn’t watch much. But one thing we did watch was Season 2 of The Punisher. Having watched the first season last year and loving it we were eager for the second one and so started watching as soon as. While season one was more focused on Frank Castle (The Punisher) seeking revenge for the death of his wife and children and during the process uncovering much more than he bargained for. However in season two we see Frank trying to live a semi-normal life when he comes across a teenager who need’s saving from being murdered and so he must decide whether to become The Punisher again or let the kid survive alone. The show has a lot of action, violence and tense scenes which I do always enjoy The Punisher is part of The Marvel Universe so if you are enjoy your Marvel I would highly recommend this, as I think Netflix are taking off their Marvel shows so get watching before it’s gone.

But the big one I have been watching for the first time ever was Sex And The City. Yes I know I know how bad am I to have never watched it. Honestly since finish it I have been asking myself if I have been living under a rock. The show is set in New York and revolves around 4 women in their mid-thirties and one in her early 40’s who have very different natures and ever-changing sex lives, but yeah manage to gel well and are the squad I’m sure many women absolutely strive for. Honestly I absolutely loved the show. While Carrie has me wanting become a journalist while drinking wine and being a badass with some pretty amazing relationships, Samantha makes me want to just let everything go and be this open sexual being. When in reality I’m more of a keep my thoughts on sex to my self kinda Charlotte but also intrigued to hear new tips and tricks. I’m left feeling aspired to have a girl gang like theirs where nothing is kept secret and lunch dates are a weekly must. While also screaming at Carrie to run from many of the men she dates and also same for the other girls at that.

Like me if you haven’t watched this series before. Where have you been? I highly recommend watching it now, but make sure the volume is low (if like me you live with your in-laws) because there is sex galore, or don’t.


This month I have been reading Sally Rooney’s Normal People, while I wasn’t actually aware this was her second book as I feel a lot of people read this book first there is no link between them so it doesn’t matter how you read them. I love that because Rooney is Irish her books are also set in Ireland which I think is a lovely little touch. Rooney says that Normal People is a story of mutual fascination, friendship and love. It follows two characters Connell and Marianne who are very much different but yet can’t seem to keep away from each other no matter how hard they try. It follows the characters through high school, college, university and beyond. A love story like no other. Literally. I know a lot of people would probably think oh not another boy meets girl kinda story but it is far more than that. It is so relatable and real. A book I couldn’t put down and read fairly quickly.

While the book has no big climax something I tend to love in a book being a big thriller and crime reader. But honestly I feel the relatability of this book is something else, it opens your eyes just to how important communication and trusting people can be. The intense feelings of love I’m sure we have all felt at some point in how lives. It shows in some way if someone is supposed to be in your life, even if you think you don’t want them to be they will be there and you will keep meeting up like two magnets. The book shows us how we can’t really change and reveals how we learn about sex and power, the desire to hurt and be hurt, the desire to love and be loved.

There is just something about Sally’s writing that is so beautiful and just keeps you reading. I can’t wait to read her first book Conversations with Friends.Listen

Something I have struggled with for a while is sleep. So I decided at a loose end that I needed to try anything. So I searched in songs to listen to before bed, and that’s exactly what appeared. The name of the playlist is called music to get ready for bed to be exact. It is full of lots of gorgeous acoustic music, exactly what is needed to calm the mind before sleep. With a range of artists it’s just perfect, you can hear the guitar from Ben Howard in his older stuff, Harry Styles – which I’m not a fan of, but hey his song on the playlist is alright.

I do find that although I wouldn’t say it’s helped me sleep more because I am still waking up multiple times in the night and feeling exhausted in the morning (I am desperately trying to research ways to help) But it does make me feel calmer and like I am getting ready to rest for the night which I am usually when I am listening to this and I think it’s a nice way to tell my body it’s bedtime.

Here you have it, the second installment on my what to watch, listen to and read every month. Have you watched any of the series I mentioned or read the book or listened to artists in the playlist. Let me know your thoughts on them!


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