6 Pieces For My Winter Wardrobe

Hello! Something a little different today, not a lifestyle post but I am kicking off my first proper style post. But with the season of the birds nest hair (if you’re anything like me and your hair seems to detest scarves) and the red noses in full swing. With that I thought it would be wise to tell you what I think you need in your wardrobe to stay warm – other than thermals under EVERYTHING of course.


If you scan through my instagram you’ll probably become aware of what I love pretty quickly. I am obsessed with neutrals and anything cosy, jeans and I’d like to think mostly minimal.. mostly. When it comes to winter, being warm is very very important to. I want to be able to different jumpers, a pair of jeans and chuck on the layers and still be put together looking but warm. Honestly I try to stay trendy but usually in the months of December – March I don’t really care, and I might layer a few necklaces or something but I tend to stay as warm as possible, although I do have to say sometimes for the gram you will see me in lesser cosy looking outfits, but really just imagine them all cosy and with warmer layers and you’re good to go. Disclaimer, just because I post something that isn’t layered up doesn’t mean I don’t. I just sometimes prefer to show of an outfit un-layered for the gram, but you can bet there is probably a hot water bottle down my back and a warm car or coffee shop near by.


However I would like to say that everything I do choose to wear I would 100% wear day to day, I like simple outfits that I can chuck on and run some errands or meet a friend, classic is my go to. In winter like I said, jeans and a jumper I’m good to go. Chuck on pair of boots or trainers and voila. Or if going out for the evening, even just for nachos and a glass of wine, a skirt, tee or even a dress – again with trainers or boots and of course a big coat.. your girl doesn’t want to turn blue after all. I’m all about easy but keeping it as trendy as possible. If that’s even possible. I like the fact that I have a lot of pieces that are re-wearable in lots of different ways, something I’m really trying to show on my instagram this year. I want to show how I stay warm and yet still rework those pieces I have in my wardrobe time and time again in different ways.


So without further a do the pieces I think should be in your wardrobe for winter..


A camel coat

Have you seen the two camel coats I live in at the moment, if you haven’t.. where have you been? Each year I always sway towards camel coats this time of year. It’s my way of adding a little something to a simple outfit. It’s probably a bit much having two different styles in the same colour, but hey the heart wants what it wants. Plus not to mention if I have two coats in different styles can one really get bored. I have my trucker one which is like a second skin. It’s so warm and I really have had to refrain from getting it in cream, because well.. I am miss clumsy. But seriously this is like my go to, when I just want to be super warm and cosy I’ll throw this on, but I actually still feel pretty cool as I am obsessed with an oversized boxy look on my coats at the moment or in the other sense I am my belted coat. I feel very sophisticated in this coat, but still with the oversized look its casual enough which I love. Plus really in this sense I have one for day and one for evening. Because a coat is ESSENTIAL for winters, it really is pretty much your whole outfit a coat really isn’t it.

A jumper

Yes this is varied. But really you can’t go wrong with any jumper in the winter. Again for me I need a variety of neutral colours – think camel, black, grey and cream. Those 4 complete me. I like them to be oversized and baggy, but not too baggy that you look like a marshmallow. Just enough to add a knot, to stay on trend of course and to hit the the top of a skirt or pair of jeans to help give the illusion my legs are longer then they actually are. But also you can’t beat a funnel neck. A jumper in winter is every lazy girls dream. There are numerous styles and they go with anything, it’s like the tee of winter for me.

A pair of jeans

They really are tricky one for me. I envy the girls that wear the straight legged jeans and yet their bum is so perfectly hugged by said pair of jeans. I want to love them, I spend many a hours scouring and trying on straight legged jeans but alas I have yet to find a pair that don’t make me look shorter than are already am and completely loose my favourite curve (my bum) Instead I am still stuck in the age of skinny, but hey you really can’t go wrong with a black skinny pair can you. Again they just go well with a jumper or tee or anything really. I feel they really are so timeless and a pair I really can get away with wearing at work. One I am about to try though and so will report back are the orson jeans from topshop, I am hoping the slim leg will be skinny enough but not make me loose any of my lady assets. Blue of course, because a good pair of blue jeans seem to be every where. Granted if I wear a skinny skinny pair then I feel like 13 year old girl. I can’t quite decide why, perhaps because I lived in some horrific hollister blue jeggings for the best part of year 8-9 *shudders* and I can’t quite bring myself to it, so any blue jeans with a bit of bag is a win for me really.

Turtle necks

Oh the turtle neck, how I love thee so. Admittedly my friend got me into these because honestly she wears them so well and they are definitely her second skin. She’ll wear them with dungarees, with jeans and she just looks so put together always. Not to mention I feel its a good way to be warm and still look amazing. The perfect date night outfit, black turtleneck, black jeans, boots, a red lip, layered necklaces and lets see how long your man keeps you in the pub for shall we. It’s just timeless and gorgeous. With these I don’t over size I like to tuck it in my jeans and for it to sculpt my waist.. if I haven’t had a large meal of course then its food baby galore. I tend to opt for a black and cream because it’s definitely the winter version of my timeless black and white tees for sure.

A good pair of boots

Admittedly again yes I will be talking about two pairs again, but sometimes when you live in England it’s a must. I live in Dr Martens or a classic black sock boot. I want to wear the patterned pairs and all sorts I’m just not quite there yet. Comfort may I add is key with boots  for winter, if like me you walk to and from work everyday it really is a must. A sock boot like these Office ones are timeless, they hug your leg so if you’re wearing black legs it immediately adds about 2 inches to them and I dig that. They go with anything either and again perfect for a date night as the heel is not too big but it definitely helps. Now the reason I include Dr Martens into the mix is easily explained. I know some people think they’re emo shoes but I challenge you to find a pair that will save you from slipping to your death on the icy snow, will allow you to accidentally step into puddles and just about get away with no soggy sock and keep your feet toasty when your working day involves you standing outside for about 50% of your day. They are needed and honestly after seeing Londonblogger wearing them you just know they are the perfect winter boot really.


Very very important and I cannot believe I have left till last. In winter it can get bitterly cold. Hats and scarves are ago if you want to survive (yes it may be an exaggeration and I know places get way cold than us) But really I live in mine when needed. I keep these very neutral like every item in my wardrobe. Black, grey,  camel. Right up my street. I am partial to a fishermen’s hat for the winter or a bake boy if not too cold. I find that I can feel bobbles moving around and honestly it makes me a little self conscious. Same with the scarf, the bigger the better and ASOS seem to have some great scarves this season. I like to really wrap myself up in one of these scarves so just my eyes and above are showing. But don’t forget to pack a brush, unless you can pull off the birds nest chic after unraveling your hair from the scarf.

And there we have it. What I feel are the essentials that will keep you warm for winter, but also having you still feel a little trendy and see you through the cold months that seem to drag. Don’t forget layering your best friend and if you are able to the essentials for winter down then you can definitely experiment to keep yourself warm and not just feeling like a marshmallow.


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