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January where have you gone? Anyone else find that the first month always whizz’s by and we are left with the shit, Christmas will be here before we know it feeling. But it is one less month of it being cold and layering up like a marshmallow Halle-freakin-lujah! Winter months are definitely for bunkering down and staying in the warmth of our homes binging netflix series’ or reading lots of book (or one if you’re me) and during the times of writing posts I am an avid music listen, something I don’t have to concentrate too much on but can play in the background while I work away.

Yes I haven’t done one since October, shame on me. But really I have been a bad blogger till the beginning of the year where I have committed to one post a week and so far feeling smug I am able to continue with this so far. So while I’m on a roll I think I may just try and fully commit to making this a monthly thing. Because lets be honest we are all nosey beings and we all like to see what people are listening to, reading and watching to give us own ideas of we can do for all three and also I like reading because it gives you more of an insight into the person we constantly read about on these blogs.

So lets get back to it with what I watched, listened to and read in January.


This month has been the month of slight binging. Now back in October I mentioned four things I’ve been watching but I think from now on I am going to try and keep it to one or two stand out programs I watch each month, as sometimes it might be a film and tv series and that way I’ll have more options as the months go on.

First up, the movie. Early January we watched Bird Box, there was a huge buzz about and everyone and their dog had watched the movie due to it coming out during the Christmas break. However, I put off watching it due to being a big scaredy cat and hating anything scary and jumpy. I saw Lauren Crowe do a poll on asking if it was scary and a good few people said it wasn’t and due to the buzz I just really wanted to follow the sheep and watch it for myself. Plus I am more than capable of turning it off if I can’t handle it.

But you know what, people definitely bigged it up the scary factor because it really wasn’t scary. Suspenseful yes, but I can deal with that. The synopsis of the movie is a post apocalyptic movie falling a lady called Malorie as she guides two children and herself on a journey to a safe place, down a river. But they must do it blindfolded to avoid supernatural entities which cause people to hallucinate and commit suicide. The idea of having to use your other sense other than sight and how they learning to live with out is so interesting although as long as all windows and doors are covered they can take their blindfolds off inside. Although there are also people that will try and force you to look and are crazy and also the supernatural can appear (although we never see what it looks like) it will try and persuade you to take off your blind fold and look.

It really was a good watch and thrilling, they filmed in the times before the apocalyptic, during and then on Malorie and the children’s journey which I hadn’t seen done in an apocalyptic film before so it was interesting to see how the progress as time goes on. If you like films like I Am Legend, World War Z I think you’ll enjoy this as it hasn’t got the zombies but it’s got the same feel which is nice. Available on Netflix.

Next onto the series. Last month we started watching Luther from the beginning. Sam has never seen it and I think I only watched one season which I don’t really remember and with season 5 airing last month it only seemed right. Luther follows an English Police man called John Luther (fancy that) Luther is a very emotional man and will go against the law to solve police cases when needed as well as trying to rekindle his broken relationship with his wife. Luther is very clever at solving problems I’d liken him to a Sherlock Holmes in cases. The episodes are very fast pace and in some cases shocking, but if that wasn’t the cases would it make for a good police drama? season 1-4 is available on Netflix and season 5 is on BBC Iplayer.


Ok, so I am awful at reading but like everyone else I have set myself a reading goal. A small one but more manageable for someone that struggle to find the time to read (I know anything we choose to do above anything else is our own fault) But I want to read 1 book a month. You’d like to think it pretty manageable. My book of choice this month is Handmaids Tale. I tried watch the series but unfortunately unable to find anywhere online to watch it – well done sky- I opted to reading the book as the first few episodes were enough to have my hooked. So far the book and the few episodes appear to be very similar which is always good start but I am desperate to know what happens in the end. The book follows a lady renamed Offred and the book explores themes of women in subjugation in a patriarchal society and the various means by which these women attempt to gain individualism and independence. Its the era of declining birth rates due to environmental causes and due to a revolution women like Offred who has a healthy reproductive system are captured and brainwashed to be used as children produces for rich men and women couples whereby the women of the couple is unable to have her own child. Offred dreams of escaping to Canada where people still live like you and I and being reunited with her husband and maybe her daughter.

I think it’s so interesting to read a book where something that could (but wouldn’t) happen and just how scary the whole idea of the revolution in this story could be. With a resistance to over throw the revolution and also people called ‘the eyes’ who work to catch anyone that is trying to escape or over throw its a real page turner as you follow Offred through her journey as a Handmaid.


Again we are back to music. I feel I use music really to relay where I am at stages in my life. I am one of those that will listen to sad songs when sad and happy songs when happy. But with 2019 starting I really wanted to change what I listened to. I am one of those mainstream cliches and find it hard to break away from what I already listen to and find new styles to listen and indulge in. But this year was my aim to listen to something new and that’s when I came across Chloe Plumsted’s Bougie Queen Chill playlist and let me just say it is definitely a new favourite I have discovered so many bougie artists to listen to and fully recommend. She describes the playlist as full of bougie songs to chill out too with beautiful background music and she is so right. I absolutely love listening to it, zoning out anything else and writing away. I feel super chilled. I would also say that some songs are quite sexy and give me that whole leon bridges – river (great song) scene where the little girl talks about how this is the sexiest song or something along those lines and kinda makes you want to get a bottle of wine, don some silky teddy and seduce your partner in some very intimate moments and knowing how much Chloe like intimacy it seems only ok to describe this bougie playlist quite like that.

That concludes this months what to watch, read and listen to. Have you watched any of the series’ I mentioned? Let me know your thoughts and let’s discuss them! What about the book, read it? Don’t give spoilers but is it a goodun? and Lastly the playlist, what was your favourite song, artist, do you know any playlists similar? Let me know!


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  1. Melissa says:

    I think 2018 hit everyone hard and made it really hard to keep focused. I know it messed me up big time. I had started blogging last year and left for almost a year. I haven’t seen Bird Box yet. Pretty much anything that gets so popular makes me want to stay away. At least until the hype dies down. I haven’t seen Luther but it sounds interesting. Childish Gambino is great. I love quite a few songs from him and Redbone is definitely one.

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