Detoxing My Wardrobe

As a girl who is working towards becoming a Blogger, Youtuber, Instagrammer, influencer – what ever you want to call it. I am constantly purchasing new pieces for my wardrobe, whether its for a whole new outfit or style an old piece up to give it that new lease of life. But more often than not I end up with an over flowing wardrobe and yet very quickly find myself getting into a tiz as I have nothing to wear. But thats the joys of what is known as fast fashion and the quick changes in seasons or never ending (if you think about winter) that is. But this by  no means a post blabbering about how we should constantly be chucking our wardrobes away and refilling it with new clothes every season or not. I know its not ethical and while I haven’t done enough research on it I do want to start making little changes to help. But with the new year in full swing now, we always seem to want to have a big spring clean, whether thats from our homes as whole or our wardrobes like me.

One thing I have found having absolutely all your belongs in one room along with your boyfriends is that space is actually quite small and so it’s important to keep what you have to a minimum. Especially the wardrobe. So what I like to do is get EVERYTHING out none of that half hearted, oh I’ll do a drawer or I’ll just do what is hanging. No get everything out, underwear and all. Because lets be honest girls we probably all have those pants or bras with holes in, loose fraying or perhaps even upderwiring that is just dying to be let loose and that’s just not attractive. So get everything out and start from there. Yes it may look chaotic, yes you may have a minor breakdown at the mess you have created but it needs to be done. How will you know what you actually have if it all stays hidden away in your wardrobe.


Next is putting everything into piles. Things you love known as the keep pile. These need to be things that you grab for constantly and know that fit great, make you feel great and also things that you know you can style in lots of different ways these are the basics, known as the scaffolding to your wardrobe (something I’ll talk about later on) This stage is where you need to be so brutal try everything on if you need to. This process can take the whole day so make the time. Have a look in the mirror turn every angle you can, jump up and down, lunge, twist, stretch, every movement you can think of. Are comfortable? How do you feel in the item of clothing or outfit, sexy, amazing, sassy? Yes? Great, in the keep it pile it goes. If the answer is no, don’t feel bad put it in a different pile and move on don’t dwell. The other two piles that need to be created are the sell/charity/give to family or friends pile. The reason this has so many names because we are all different. I like to sell my clothes because I like the idea of making someone happy and also making a little extra cash, I recently started a Mercari account and it’s amazing what interaction I received so quickly, plus the money I make can help me redo my wardrobe. I have also been a big charity shop bag filler upper. Those bags that come through your door, don’t chuck them fill them with your clothes. Charity shops are always needing new things and it really does feel like a good dead is being done. Alternatively invite your friends and family round let them rummage through your unwanted belongings least you know your clothes will be going to loved ones and you never know a friend may have had there eye on your killer tee for ages so massive brownie points there! The third pile is the chuck. These are clothes you have had for years, sitting in the depths of your wardrobe severely unloved, stains from that pasta dish you enjoyed many moons ago or holes from when you thought you would try out rock climbing or some sort or when those pesky moths get to your clothes. Goodbye! You do not need these anymore, and in all brutality try not to think of the sentimental value, I’ve had tops and things that remind me of certain memories but haven’t worn them in years and so sadly I have chucked them, let it go! You have that memory in your head or write it down while that nostalgic feeling is surrounding you.Shopping

Next is the fun part. Shopping! Don’t be impulsive though. Look at what you put into that killer wardrobe of yours and figure out what is missing. If you’re lacking inspiration get on pinterest, I’ve made a board for each season – SpringSummerAutumn and Winter and I try to use those as point of reference when I’m feeling a bit meh with my wardrobe. Honestly the inspiration is insane and you can quickly have a lust of boards that you need in your own wardrobe. Another thing I find important is working out the basics to your wardrobe like previously mentioned. For me I know I need a good fitting black and white tee. A good pair of black and blue jeans. A black and blue denim skirt. a denim and leather jacket and  good black, cream and grey jumpers/cardigans. However actually finding them can be really hard. So be patient. Again take a whole day to go shopping, go by yourself if it’s easier and try on the basics in EVERY store. Don’t go for the first thing you try on. Take photos in every changing room then go for a coffee or even go home, look through them and then decide. These are the pieces that scaffold my wardrobe, pieces that work with my wardrobe and I will go with basically everything – including those fast fashion pieces. What I like to do also though is get my t-shirts in oversized so tend to get them from H&M mens section and for denim I always seem to go for Levi’s, whether that be vintage or just full out heading into the Levi’s store and picking out some jeans. Especially as when I was a student you got 20% discount so it was a life saver and I know they will be pieces that will last me years. But you don’t have to go that big, a good pair of Topshop can be just as amazing.

What suits you?

Also really think about what suits you. I am all for wear what you love and don’t worry about your shape and size but you yourself will know what you do and don’t like on your body. For example I don’t particularly like very plungey tops/dresses on me as I hate my boobs being on show – not because I don’t like them but because of leering eyes. I also don’t tend to buy shoes with a heel, just because I know I can’t walk in them and although yes on special occasions I will. I’d much rather wear my vans and converse. I also know that baggier jeans make me look frumpy as I am short but quite petite so always go for slim/skinny and high waist always. So just play around with different fits and find what shapes and things make you feel badass.Accessories

One thing I’m learning and slowing stocking up on is accessories. Never underestimate an accessory. Jewellery is a girls best friend. I am a sucker fro layered jewellery, specifically gold at the moment but it doesn’t really matter. They really can add to just a tee and jeans outfit, trust me. Another accessory is a belt. Pick a good belt. I like a western vibe for the summer as I am all about boho when the sun is shining. Last but not least is a bag. I personally hate a bag. Only because I’m bitter and can never find one that I LOVE. But one day I vow to have different lengths, colours, sizes all bags that I love to really change up an outfit (If anyone has any bag buying tips send them my way!)

These are the steps I take when coming to detoxing. Looking at investing where I need to. Being ruthless with the clear out. Making sure I have the scaffolding to my wardrobe and accessories. Remembering to find high street cheap dupes to fast fashion pieces. Learning to style things in different ways and learning about what suits you and what you love can all be hellish and exciting. But I dare you to try it. Give your wardrobe that much needed detox.



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