How To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life

Speaking to many of my friends, many of them say they don’t feel completely fulfilled with their lives. Most in jobs that they like, but don’t love. That don’t give them that excitement when they wake up in the morning ready to go to work and how when they get homethey can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow (But still love the days they can relax and things) or how we dream of just jetting off, sunning ourselves everyday on a beach or by a pool with numerous cocktails and good food day after day after day.

And then I saw this post on Anni’s blog thanks to pinterest and it got me thinking. Why don’t we all start exercising our minds to see our perfect day. If we visualise it every day surely it will help move us towards having our idea day as a reality – I’m not saying just by visualising it will get it. Trust me I am not all airy fairy and stuff, I do believe we work for what we want for sure. But if we are to visualise our ideal day now surely it might make us more determined to work as hard as we can for it, right?

As it’s the beginning of a new year I am really pushing myself to practice positivity in my life, working on the law of attraction and visualising what I want. After all I KNOW what I want, I just have to keep visualising it and working hard for it, because one day I know it can be a a reality after all I have the whole 2019 to be working on my dream and myself.

Anni says that she saw this exercise in one of her favourite books called wishcraft. She said that the author asks us to really think about ideal day, not the ‘all inclusive woo off on holiday sipping on pina coladas kinda day’. But what you would enjoy doing day to day. She said it is best to really think about your ideal day in as much detail as possible, it will show you what goals you should make and which path you should go down.

So lets start the ideal day

I wake up every morning at 7:30 am without an alarm and feeling fully refreshed and ready for the day. My boyfriend brings me a tea in bed (preferably a fruit tea thats good for the body) and then he heads off to work.

I then run a yoga class at 8:00 am (yes I would like to be a yoga teacher) from a yoga studio attached to our house. This gives me time to stretch out with others but also sort out my thoughts and allow any worries to disappear while helping me think of content that I could use for writing on my blog or creating youtube videos.

After this I shower and have breakfast (probably a smoothie bowl or pancakes) But you know not picky. I sit down at my desk in my office which is also in my house or at my local coffee shop depending if I feel like I have cabin fever or not and write for my blog, as well as writing a book. I love the idea of working on a book – although I’m not sure if it would be fiction or not. Or film some videos for my youtube. I work on this for 3-4 hours.

I then fix myself some lunch. Something healthy and balanced, but no meat. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday is no meat day for me, although I don’t push this on my boyfriend, he can eat what he wants. However every lunch is with no meat. I eat this on my sofa and either catch up a tv series I’m watching or read.

After that I head down to my warehouse which I use to create eco friendly but in style clothing and cruelty free skincare products. This gives me the time to socialise with my employees/friends. In this time we brain storm new ideas. Check inventory and any sales that need sorting and we photograph any new products that need getting up on the site. Obviously while I’m not there this continues anyway, as I tend to only visit once a week on a Friday.  At about 3:30 every Friday we have a dance party and some drinks to celebrate a good week and then we go home.

When I arrive home at about 4:30 me and the boyfriend spend the evening together. We cook dinner and we sit down to either play a computer game together, watch tv, read – whatever we fancy. Or we go and see friends for dinner and go out for a few drinks. Or we have friends round for food, movie marathons, game nights and drinks as well – with lots of laughter of course.

It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed because I always feel energised and I just go to bed when my body is ready. It can last a long while during the day/evening.


Of course this is subject to change often. That’s ok you can have many ideal days. Sometimes mine has more travel involved, sometimes it has children involved. I want all of this of course but its good to have plenty of different ideal days. Lets be honest even if I did have the above life it could get a little dull. I’m not saying I want this day in and day out. I would throw in travel in a heartbeat. I’d travel for a good few months a year if I could (and I will) but what I’m saying is this is what a lot of my days would look like. Plus when I have children then the ideal day would change again. It’s about working through them as you go through your life stages but also knowing it’s ok to think of many different ideal days like stated above.

Like Anni said it is YOUR day, plan it exactly how you want and don’t think about the judgement at all. I say that I want 5 different jobs potentially (a blog, yoga teacher, youtube, book and clothing/skincare brand) that sounds like a lot. I am aware that its a lot of work but it’s what I’d want to do. Just think about you and only you!

Remember to really think about everything down to detail. You can map your day out hour by hour if you like, talk exactly about your meals about your activities anything. Think about things you don’t have yet. If you don’t have a partner, throw them into your day to day ideal life anywhere. Children? Places you want to visit while travelling write it all down.


Ok now like I said in the beginning it doesn’t just happen with visualising I don’t believe in that mumbo jumbo (Although I do believe in ‘the secret’ they also state you can’t just imagine – but that’s a different post) you need to work towards it and work hard.

I like to try and set my goals every month to work towards. Small ones, but ones that could hopefully push me in the right direction. For example right now for this month my goals are:

*Get my blog properly up and running, I want to post once a week and stick to it (hence the reason I’m writing a post for it)
*Join a gym/start yoga classes (I can’t be a yoga teacher without helping my own health and actually doing yoga classes to start with)
*Finally finish a book (without reading I can’t develop and stretch my mind to new words and ideas that could one day be in my own)
*Work with 2-3 brands, after all I can’t expect to blog/youtube full time if I don’t work with people

You have to look at the obstacles and how you can over come them (as Anni said there will be many) But don’t let them deter you and stop you from working towards your ideal day because you will find way to overcome them. Heck I look at my ideal day and think how on earth will I get there!? But it’s all about small steps. Just looking at my goals now I can see by going to take yoga classes that can help. But writing this blog right now that is working towards my blog goal. Even reading that means that I am hitting the goal of reading daily like it states in my ideal day. It’s about noticing those little things and knowing that one day, hopefully it will be a reality.

So focus on the small and watch the big unfold. I am so grateful for finding this article because honestly it really has got me thinking and writing down my ideas has just really helped me visualise what it is that I want to achieve for sure. I keep reading my ideal day and even now I keep smiling at the thought that one day it could be mine and I will remember to take a breath at my desk, in the coffee shop, at my warehouse or with my friends and count my blessings. I’m 24, but I still have all the time in the world to achieve all of this.

So tell me, what is your ideal day? Write it all down here in the captions, come on. I want to hear it all!





8 responses to “How To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life”

  1. Pinja says:

    Absolutely loved this post Beth!! This made so motivated and inspired to visualise and start working on my own goals and ‘dream life’! Because like you said, in the end I also know WHAT I want – it’s just the working hard towards it that I need to do now!

    • pagesfrombeth says:

      I completely agree and reading this has only pushed me to realise I want to work harder on what it is I want to do, otherwise how will I achieve it?!

  2. Lucy Cole says:

    I love this concept so much – thank you for sharing it Beth!!

    Lucy |

  3. This was really interesting to read! I’ve never thought of visualising my perfect day before but it makes so much sense. I’ve recently graduated and I’m currently working out what I want to do with my life so I’ll definitely be putting this into practice x

  4. Sophie says:

    This post was possibly the best thing I’ve read in 2019! I ADORE the idea of wishcraft and visualising your perfect day. Like you, i’m somewhat sceptical of the “wishy washy” stuff, but there’s a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking. I did CBT in 2017 and a lot of it was to do with that. We can’t change the world around us, but we can change how we do it!

    It was one of the reasons i started me “seven smiles sunday’ series and did my “silver linings” annual review for the last two years, it helped me see things in a better light. I am so happy to have found your blog!

    Bumble and Be

    • pagesfrombeth says:

      Oh this is the nicest commment! Thank you so much and I completely agree, I definitely need to read my own post more because I have become so stuck in a rut of not knowing what to do!
      Those post series sound amazing too!

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