The Trainer For Winter

One thing I never thought would be overflowing in my wardrobe is my shoes. But I was so wrong, my shoes may not be an array of heels, nor is it really full of different boots (I only wish it was I’m just so picky) But one thing I sure love are my trainers. Not only comfortable which is a big thing for me but I personally think they work well with any outfit as Demi Lovato said “Who said I can’t wear my converse with my dress? Well baby that’s just me!” Yes that lyric did speak to me 10 years ago.

One trainer I felt I was missing out on though was the Van Hi-tops. Yes woe is me. But I find in winter I can’t wear low trainers as my ankles get cold and even hi top converse can get a little cold, after all the material is pretty thin. Anyway just over a month ago the offer of participating in a secret santa with Jakes Shoes came up. I’d never taken part in a secret santa with bloggers are I thought it would be so sweet. Such a lovely way to spread a bit of festive cheer. I had a look through their website and was surprised to see they stocked some of favourite brands such as vans and converse, not to mention dr martens, birkenstocks, vagabonds and uggs. So I agreed to take part.The idea was we filled in a few questions about the types of shoes we liked, i.e. colours, styles, brands and such and that was sent to another blogger and in return we got another bloggers answers – you get the jist. Anyway, I got BlackTulipBeauty. She was a big fan of Dr Martens and after having a peak through her instagram too I picked some black velvet dr martens out for her, which I hope she liked!

In return, she was my secret santa and I got some Black Van Hi-tops. My vans wardrobe is now complete. After lusting after them for ages and stealing my friends for the occasionally outfit shot I had only dreamed of owning my own pair. The perfect winter trainer. With the material being a little thicker and the hi top covering my ankles I think I will be living in these for the winter.

Not only are they good for winter though, they are also perfect for any season. Vans really can go with anything, dresses, jeans, skirts. Such versatile trainers and if you’re not into boots for winter I recommend a pair of these.


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