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Something I have really thought about the last few months is how I really want to get back into writing blog posts. I think it’s something that has been so left behind but actually is a really important part of what I love doing and also the reason I started doing this all. Don’t get me wrong, I love instagram but I can’t write a big paragraph or two on instagram can I? Or get all of my thoughts and feelings out.

Plus being such a homebody and enjoying my own company or really getting hooked and sucked into something it just seems right that after seeing this idea from Chloe Plumsted I think it would be a fun thing to do monthly and it could perhaps become some sort of book club/series/movie chat in the comments, you never know!

So on with this months topics, first up is what to watch!

I’m a lover of anything with suspense. Whether it’s watching from behind my eyes or sitting on the edge of my seat screaming at the tv. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I need a break and to watch something light hearted but yeah give me anything with a bit of gore, or tense situation and where we are trying to guess who did the dirty and anticipating the need to know what is going to happen next. That’s why this month I couldn’t decide to just include one as I don’t know if anyone else agrees but when the season changes to autumn ALL of the good tv starts to show and it’s probably because they know people are more likely to stay in now it’s colder but I am just so for it and loving everything at the moment. Plus because I have to watch everything on catch up its even better when you don’t have to worry about adverts and you can fully engross. Let’s start with the shows you can watch on catch up.

So first up is Bodyguard, while the series is already over you can still catch it on BBC Iplayer and if you haven’t heard all of the hype surrounding it, well where have you been?! It has the suspense and the whole who did it kinda storyline because like I said who doesn’t enjoy that? It’s a 6 part series which for me actually really works as sometimes I find if a series goes on for 22 odd episodes I can find it hard to sit down and watch as I can get distracted by other tv series’ and things but 6 was a good amount. They managed to cover everything and it was gripping, never was their an episode where I thought “yeah yeah come on!”

It follows a principle protection agent who makes a breakthrough linking to terrorist attacks against the home secretary but due to dealing with things that have happened to him in the past people begin to turn their backs on him and he has to try and win their trust and show them before it’s too late.. oooo I should be a synopsis writer! (I joke I joke) Not to mention if you are a Game Of Thrones fans Rob Stark is your main man and who doesn’t want to see him on your screen again?

It’s on BBC Iplayer for the next 5 months so if you need a quick but thrilling series to watch when it gets really cold sink your teeth into this without the full commitment.

Next is The Cry. This is the program supposed to rival Bodyguard. Again another suspenseful show and really wanting you to do some guess working as well as eager to see the whole story unfold. A quick synopsis is basically a couple who have recently had a baby travel to Australia due to the husband having a daughter from a previous relationship and he has decided he wants to fight for custody. However after arriving in Australia the couples baby is kidnapped.

So far only the 1st episode has aired although I’m sure the 2nd would have by the time you are reading this. The first episode I feel was all about setting the scene for the whole show as I felt it was a little slow but I think it will be a key episode in all of the mystery unravelling. It is on every Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm and I am so looking to my early Monday finish just so I can always come straight home and watch a new episode. Again I think it’s a short series so worth a watch if you don’t want to make full commitment.Last BBC Iplayer show (Damn BBC are clearly on fire already and autumn has just begun) is Killing Eve. An 8 part series and so much buzz surrounding it. BBC clearly know how to do short series’ I have currently only watched 3 episodes and honestly don’t understand the fuss.. however episode 4 looks like thats where all the drama starts so I will try to carry on with it because everone did say it was amazing

Lastly and all of my tv watches this month is Vikings. Now you can only watch this if you have Amazon Prime, but if you don’t have it. It’s worth getting just for this series. If you have a GoT’s shaped hole in your heart (anyone else longing for winter to come) then I seriously recommend this. Although it can’t rival GoT’s, I mean can anything? It is a goodun’ I am actually addicted. To the point that I get annoyed if I can’t watch an episode a night – and that hasn’t happened in a while.

It’s basically Vikings raiding England and lots of battles and gore and just all the good stuff. Plus the story is so good and baring in mind it takes me a lot to cry at tv and movies I cried and that was only at season 2, so let’s see what a mess I’ll be as we continue, plus it’s still going with season 5 coming soon!



Reading.. bit of a sore subject for me. I used to read ALLL the time, if your saw me I would tend to have a book with me. I flew through series such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, The Alex Rider Series. As reading hardcore books such as a boy called it (probably wasn’t age appropriate) but I found books like those fascinating and then I moved on to books like Into The Darkest Corner, Gone Girl, all of the thrillers. But then I stopped. Along came my social life, a boyfriend and just general growing up and I never feel like I have time now. Yes, I know people will say well you make time for the things you want to do and I feel that’s probably right, but along with catching up on TV or writing blog posts, working on my little brand it’s slipped to the bottom of the pile.

But in the occasionally time I find to read I make the most of it. I am currently reading POWER. All about how the world; on in particularly boys cope when it turns out women have all the power. Honestly I am loving it. It’s so good. It comes from loads of peoples points of views, mostly women but also from a boy too, they’re all from different walks of life and it’s well worth a read.


Lastly but by no means least is music. Music means a lot to me. I have so many songs that can take me right back to when I was young and me, my twin and mum used to turn up the CD player loud and dance around like crazy just before she went out for a driving lesson. I have songs that remind me of sad times, of good times and all of the between. I listen to it every day to and from work, I listen to it in the shower, when I can’t be bothered to watch anything, when I’m working on posts, in the car. One thing I do struggle with though is finding new artists/bands to listen to.

That was I came across my twin HannahIvvy’s spotify playlist. I feel she is going to be so smug about this. But ah well it’s a goodun’. It has your ‘mainstream’ radio songs to all sorts. It ranges from Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus to The Chainsmokers, Kygo, The XX, SZA. It has such a range and I love it. It’s just what I needed to get me out of slump of not knowing what to listen to. The songs make you want to dance and they make you want to sit and just listen to the lyrics its a real contrast and yet it works so well.


If you want to follow her playlist her username is Hannah Apps and the playlist is called def.

That concludes this months what to watch, read and listen to. Have you watched any of the series’ I mentioned? Let me know your thoughts and let’s discuss them! What about the book, read it? Don’t give spoilers but is it a goodun? and Lastly the playlist, what was your favourite song, artist, do you know any playlists similar? Let me know!

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I really want to open up my comments on my blog and also on my instagram I really want to chat to people and make my place on the internet a two way thing between me and you.



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  1. Ali Hemsley says:

    I absolutely love the book Power – so good!! I recommend The Cows or anything by Celeste Ng for next month.

    Love the new blog design!!

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